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WaySnap mobile wayfinding

Navigate complex structures with ease via your visitors own mobile phones.

Mobile wayfinding benefits

WaySnap's no-download mobile wayfinding combines photographic landmarks, descriptions and photos to provide the most effective experience in pedestrian navigation but for a fraction of the price.

QR code entry points

Visitors simply scan a QR code to get started. Adding new entry points to the system is as simple as printing more QR codes, minimal cost for maximum impact.

Fast deployment

Our low cost indoor wayfinding is available directly as a SaaS solution or fully managed "wayfinding-as-a-service". You can be up and running within 48 hours.

Multi lingual support

Almost every language can be supported without additional cost, with automatic translations to help non-English speaking visitors find their way.

Real-time feedback

Collect feedback and comments in real-time from visitors that can help influence HCAHPS scores and overall visitor satisfaction.

Real-time updates

Our clever route algorithm can be edited in real-time to remove certain walkways or avoid areas of construction. As there is no hardware involved, deployment is instant.


Our API integrations are available for reservations systems, patient portals, valet and self parking platforms.

access from any phone

Accessible & reliable

WaySnap works with any smartphone and has very minimal data requirements, which means it works effectively even in areas of low connectivity and has no need for WiFi or for the visitor to connect to the venues network. There is no hardware to install, and no impact on IT and is fully HIPAA compliant.

The WaySnap platform works in any complex outdoor or indoor space and requires no special instructions or technical ability. People can simply find their destination quickly and get on with their day!

Use WaySnap to enhance visitor or guest satisfaction at;

  • Universities
  • Conventions & events
  • Mixed-use retail
  • Malls
  • Resorts and more

How does WaySnap wayfinding work?

No downloads and works on any phone you may be curious how WaySnap works. Tap or click to learn how WaySnap mobile wayfinding works for the most basic use cases.

Watch us navigate using WaySnap

See for yourself how easy it is

WaySnap is incredibly easy to use, regardless of the visitors age or level of technical competence. 

Take a look for yourself at how easy it is to use by watching the adjacent video.

This provides just a taster of the WaySnap functionality
Try it for yourself

Simply scan the sign

Our clever signage can be printed remotely, or in your own designs and installed immediately. WaySnap knows where in your property the signage is located and greets the guest, with the ability to search or select a destination.

Think about it, pretty much every restaurant is has transitioned to QR code menus and payment methods, visitors are increasingly demanding mobility but are suffering app download fatigue.

Shouldn’t they be able to navigate your developments from their own phones, without the need to download apps or create accounts?

Powerful back office wayfinding

WaySnap is incredibly easy to use and has a number of different configurations or integrations available. Here we will follow the most basic use cases.

Manage destinations, routes and branding

Control at your fingertips to make real-time updates to your Wayfinding experience by a number of easy to use tools. Either run yourself or as Wayfinding-as-a-service through one of our local partners who can manage everything on your behalf.


Feedback and usage analysis

All wayfinding activity in tracked anonymously, to allow you to track and monitor your most popular destinations, start points and routes taken by your visitors. All feedback includes destination, origin and route the user took.

Powerful analytics dashboard

Real-time reporting

Waysnap includes a full reporting dashboard.

View historic and real-time route usage data, visitor feedback on specific routes and identify your most popular journeys. 

Use this data to help optimize your property layout, build better routes and help guide foot traffic to better suit the property dynamics.

Healthcare facilities
Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are the perfect fit for WaySnap.

Resorts and hotels
Resorts and hotels

Free up concierge and front desk requests for directions by implementing mobile wayfinding.

Conventions & exhibitions
Conventions & exhibitions

Fast deployment means an entire convention can be mapped between setup and the visitors arrive, a true game changer.

Questions about wayfinding?

Mobile waydfinding sounds complex, but we do our best to simplify every step of the process.

But I already have maps inside my app, why do I need WaySnap?

We compliment your existing app, by giving users who are suffering app fatigue a quicker way to get directions without a download. We can even promote your existing app inside WaySnap with a direct download link (actually increasing adoption of your app and improving ROI!).

How quickly can I be up and running with WayFinding?

You can be navigating visitors in as short as 24 hours! Using our local navigation specialists, we can map a small hospital in under 1 day.

How much does it cost?

Checkout our wayfinding pricing, available from as little as $249 per month.

Where is WaySnap based?​

WaySnap is designed and built in California, USA with a remote team across the US and UK.


How are the routes calculated?

We designed a clever algorithm that helps us build the most efficient navigation routes, which can dynamically update based on availability of waypoints.

What is Wayfinding-as-a-service?

As a navigation provider, we can handle every aspect of your wayfinding needs. Planning routes, photography and signage as well as maintaining every aspect of the service such as changing routes, adding destinations or updating photographs and associated directions. You simply call your assigned navigation specialist and they handle everything for you, and in an extremely timely manner. 

Is WaySnap HIPAA compliant?

Yes, HIPAA complaint and no involvement is required from your IT department.

What kinds of locations are suitable for WaySnap?

Although our sweet spot is healthcare, any complex building or combination of buildings including resorts, campuses, convention halls, mixed use retail, zoos, theme parks & multi-level buildings and art galleries.

What integrations are available?

Integrations are possible with patient management platforms such as Epic or Cerner and our preferred parking provider or we can provide you API access to integrate wayfinding with almost any product.

Can I become a partner?

Yes, we are always looking for more value added resellers that can help extend our localized approach to wayfinding.

What languages are supported?

By default we enable every site with English & Spanish. We can enable almost any additional language on request including Portuguese, German & Italian…the list goes on! Depending on your location, English is available in a number of variants, Canadian, Anglo and US. 

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Indoor way-finding screenshot

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